Expert Advice To Overcome Typical Challenges When Building Your Community
Posted on June 29, 2020 by Membership Space
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In the past, organizations dismissed club websites as a trend that did not deserve additional consideration or resources.  But that changed once they realized that communities had become an essential tool for success, and one that could enhance customer interaction and engagement.  Today, it’s nearly impossible to deny their importance.  Yet, many organizations are still struggling to profit from their club websites since they aren’t sure how to build their communities.

Most challenges start here as several organizations have no idea how to fit a community into their structure.  Some firms place them under the membership department while others have grouped them with marketing.  Aside from that, there are also those that treat communities as a product.

Administrators have been known to argue about this issue since they aren’t able to definitively identify which approach works best.  The position a community occupies within an organization will depend on the goals of the organization.  The same structure can’t be applied to every organization as some companies thrive by pairing their community with the membership strategy while others are better suited to gear it towards marketing.  It’s best to remain flexible where communities are concerned.

In order to keep members of the community engaged, you should try providing a personalized experience.  However, many organizations don’t know how to craft and deploy personalization strategies.  When building a personalized experience for your community, the first step is to collect only the data you need.  Members are sensitive where their data is concerned so ensure them you only request information you absolutely need to provide them with a better experience.

Even though a variety of communities need young audiences to thrive, organizations have no idea how to attract them.  Often, the youth just want to experience growth in their personal and professional lives.  Any community that wants to win their loyalty should encourage their engagement by offering them the connections they need to grow and advance.  Young audiences almost always respond to opportunities that enhance their prospects.

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