Effective Ways To Generate More Non-Dues Revenue From Advertising
Posted on April 18, 2019 by Membership Space
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For associations and club websites, member dues are usually the main source of revenue.  But often, that source alone is not sufficient to achieve financial stability.  That’s where non-dues revenues come into play.  These are funds generated through other means, such as events, webinars, and advertiser fees.  Below is an effective and practical strategy you can implement immediately to generate non-dues through advertising.
Create A Powerful Platform

Club websites, social media, and emails are some of the best tools that your association may use to present a sponsors’ content to members.  Ensure you have all three and that they’re working efficiently.  To obtain high traffic, make sure your online platforms have a well-thought out, responsive design and deliver relevant content to increase engagement.
Use Marketing Automation Tools For Engagement

In order to get members to hit a call-to-action button, the ad content has to engage them in some way, and the content should be relevant.  It can be a long and exhausting process to study the needs and interests of each member when done manually.  Fortunately, there are numerous marketing automation tools that can track the interests of members on your website so you know which content they find the most relevant.
Promote Your Advertising Channel

Once your advertising channel is ready, it’s time to send an advertising kit to sponsors.  Show them your stats and include the size of your membership, the demographics, the engagement rates, and any other information you think will be effective towards getting them to advertise with you.

Various associations are raking in huge amounts of money each year through advertising.  Even if you don’t make much revenue immediately, long gone are the days of solely depending on member dues to run.  Follow the strategy described above to come up with an ideal advertising platform.  Start out slow; don’t bombard your members with ads and you’ll eventually see results sooner or later.

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