4 Tech Tips To Watch For In 2018
Posted on February 1, 2018 by Membership Space
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Today, technology is advancing at a rate so fast that many entrepreneurs are finding it hard to keep up.  Unfortunately, when this happens, numerous memberships feel most of the effects as they’re at a disadvantage if they don’t adapt.  When you have insight into what changes might take place in the future, you put yourself in a better position to adjust and set your membership up for success.
Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence you need to concern yourself with the most is the one Google adopts to organize search results.  Club websites, as well as ecommerce websites, could potentially apply methods of content development to help them get favored by Google.  The key takeaway here is that you should create relevant, engaging content in an ethical way or your organization may not see the growth you are anticipating for 2018.
Data Protection

Hackers should always be taken seriously as they are devising new ways of stealing information every day.  In times where personal data is increasingly being stored on the web, especially with ecommerce websites, the risks are incredibly high.  The European Union takes these matters seriously as they have created a set of regulations to protect their residents.
Voice-Controlled Devices

One of the trending tech topics today is Amazon’s artificially-intelligent personal assistant, Alexa.  The software integrates into your devices and automates functions, thus creating more time for you to attend to other business.  It can also generate to-do lists, set alarms, and provide weather updates which helps get you more organized.
The last tip to remember this year involves augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  Although the world is not there yet, organizations might see more benefit from AR and VR sooner than first imagined.  If you normally hold meetings with members of club websites, keep your eyes open to AR and VR opportunities or competitors could gain an advantage over you in the future.

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