3 Ways To Streamline The Approval Process Regarding Emails
Posted on October 23, 2018 by Membership Space
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Once you have composed your emails, it is crucial that you test them to make sure they are accurate.  Additionally, they should also display correctly before approving them to be sent to the recipients.  But, perhaps you and your team are involved in many other tasks and you find the testing process is a little hectic.  If that is so, the following tips will help in streamlining the email approval process without compromising quality.
Minimize Staff Involvement

One mistake is to include too many people in the approval process as it can lead to confusion.  When dealing with that issue, try eliminating some of the people involved and monitor the effect.  Even though the exact number typically depends on the complexity of your campaign, two to three members are often enough.  It’s also important to define the specific roles of each member and the sort of feedback you expect.
Define The Purpose

To make sure the email approval process is consistent, specify the objective of sending the email.  On that note, outline the goal, the context, and the expected send dates for every email campaign you plan to run.  Furthermore, approve the outline before the first draft and include it with each test.
Track The Process

By creating a central location for viewing all the input and tracking alterations, you’ll be able to lessen the confusion in the approval process.  Some of the best tools you can use for collaborating include Google docs and an online community.  Membership management software will be very helpful for tracking feedback from team members as it will notify you each time an action takes place such as leaving feedback.

Email testing may not be a very enjoyable process since the message can seem repetitive at times.  However, if you’re to ensure your recipients receive accurate emails at the right time, it’s essential that you create a good testing policy.  Aside from that, implement the latest membership management software to simplify the work!

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