3 Tips That Captivate & Retain Younger Members
Posted on March 26, 2019 by Membership Space
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One way of making an organization more lively is to bring young people on board every year.  Most of them understand emerging technologies and have more time, as well as energy, to interact online so they can take your organization to the next level.  Unfortunately, attracting and retaining younger members is not an easy task, but these tips should be helpful.
Study Their Needs

When targeting young people, a typical mistake that associations make is assuming they know what younger members want.  For instance, you might provide them with an exceptional platform to download items from the internet.  When all they actually need is a web conferencing platform where they can hold meetings.
Data collection techniques like consulting groups consume time and money, and they’re not always accurate.  If you want to understand the needs of youthful members better without spending a lot of money, use web tracking software on your online community.
Show Respect

Obviously, respect is a key factor that can take an association from unattractive to incredibly enticing for millenials and newer generations.  To show a prospective younger member that you respect them, try offering them the same privileges as older members and listen to them attentively.
Review Your Online Presence

Several organizations also assume that the only internet platform young people are interested in is social media.  The truth is that there are many of them who are looking for meaningful connections through membership websites.  When reviewing your online presence, make sure you remove any old website themes and set a newer, responsive theme that is more appealing.

Video testimonials and relevant, well-timed videos can make a significant impact on how attractive membership websites and social media accounts are to the youth.  There are plenty of ways to maximize the interest of younger people in an organization and it starts with finding out their needs.  Use these tips to establish and maintain a great online presence now and well into the future.

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