3 Questions To Determine Which Picture Is Best For Your Content Marketing Campaign
Posted on April 30, 2019 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
When posting content on membership websites, images are extremely important as they draw an audience’s attention.  They also give readers a better understanding of what the topic is about so they are more likely to become engaged.  Unfortunately, choosing images for a post isn’t as easy as it seems.  Before you choose a picture, go over the following questions as it will help you avoid any confusion and increase your chances of using the best picture.
Will The Picture Capture A Reader’s Attention?

Whether you’re browsing membership websites or going through your social media news, have you ever noticed what makes you stop and view a post or website?  It’s likely an interesting picture that got your attention and caused you to stop.  You could apply the same tactic to get your audience interested in your content.

Whenever possible, avoid using stock images and get a photographer to supply you with unique pictures that haven’t been seen anywhere else.  If you have to use one of the stock images, stay away from pictures that are overused as they likely won’t capture the reader’s attention.
Is The Picture Relevant To The Content?

When a reader looks at your content, they should be able to make a connection with it.  A classic example would that of a woman sitting in front of a computer sipping tea for content involving email marketing.  However, that is too obvious and ordinary.  Instead, choose a picture that would be more relevant for your membership and make sure the setting is unique.
Is It In Alignment With My Brand?

If your website focuses on professional content, it’s better to stick with professional style pictures.  While funny pictures are entertaining, what your audience wants and expects from you is all that matters.
According to one research tool, posts that have a picture for every 100 words are shared twice as much on social media than those with no images.  Ultimately, the determining factors are attention, relevance to content, and whether or not the picture is aligned with your brand.

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