3 Customer Retention Metrics That Indicate Loyalty
Posted on December 22, 2017 by Membership Space
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The purpose of membership websites is to engage and inform customers in a way that they become loyal to your association, only buying from you.  But, how do you accurately gauge the loyalty of your customers?  The following tips are reliable metrics that show your clients’ interaction with your association on the internet and how likely it is they might stay.
Number Of Members

Look at the current number of people that have joined your membership websites.  Compare those figures with previous figures for the same metric.  For instance, take the total number of members a year ago and compare it with the current number of memberships for this year.  If there’s an increase, it indicates loyalty as members are continuing to renew their memberships while new people join.
Engagement Rates

These rates indicate how active your customers are regarding the online community.  Obviously, a higher engagement rate shows members have a strong interest in your community and find it to be beneficial to them.  This metric takes into account how the members ask and answer queries, visit pages, and post comments.  Typically, the more active they are, the more likely they tend to remain loyal to your association.
Login Rates

This one considers the difference between the total number of logins and unique logins.  The retention rates will be higher when the difference between the two is greater.  Of course, you want the number of unique logins to be high as that indicates that new people are checking out your association.  But, when the total number of logins is even higher, that means old members are loyal to your venture.

These metrics are not 100% accurate and actual client retention rate might be a little higher or lower.  Even so, they are very dependable and will undoubtedly reveal just how loyal your customers are.  Remember these metrics going forward to ensure you recognize when loyalty may be declining and give customers a reason to stay.

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